Sarah King Contemporary Jewellery: Commissions


Do you want an original design for a special occasion – an engagement or wedding ring say – and can’t find what you want?

Sarah can help you identify different stone cuts, shapes, dimensions and materials, or repurpose / remodel an unworn piece, to create a unique, substantial piece of jewellery that reflects your particular aesthetic.

sarah king: commission 1   Distinctive yet traditional wedding ring
This commission was to make a traditional diamond solitaire engagement and wedding ring but with a distinctive design

sarah king: commission 2



Ring remodelled to be chunkier, more contemporary
The client for this ring had baquette and princess cut diamonds in rings that she was no longer wearing. She wanted to reuse them in a more unusual chunkier, contemporary design that reflected her more particular aesthetic. The vintage diamonds were mixed with tiny new ones to make a jewel-encrusted sculptural piece.